About Gaplink


Gaplink’s experienced team partners with high profile global researchers to provide complete end-to-end field data collection services and on-the-ground representation.

We are an end-to-end field data collection company, incorporated in Uganda in 2014. We exist to bridge the gap between the foreign researcher and the field, literally acting as an extension of your team and a full representation of your research interests on the ground. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to capture insights from respondent’s thoughts and experiences, and operate across diverse communities and language groups throughout East Africa. We add local insights to your study design, manage your research logistics and utilize our highly experienced and committed field teams to engage respondents on the phone or in-person, allowing us to collect high-quality field data while achieving the highest tracking rate possible.

Our strength is in taking ownership over our portion of the research. We have a proven commitment to quality, employ flexible community strategies, ensure data security, and utilize digital survey quality controls. Our strong nationwide network of field experts makes it possible for us to work with local authorities to complete your field study within the stipulated budget and timeline.

Gaplink undergoes regular quality reviews from INACHEE , a thought leadership and advisory firm incorporated in England and Wales.

As you focus on your research outcomes, we help you to:

  • Design and localize your tools through field pilots
  • Acquire necessary research permits
  • Translate and digitalize your tools
  • Collect dependable field data using rigorous methods
  • Submit clean data in any desired format ready for analysis according to your data needs