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About Gaplink


Gaplink is a Ugandan research and development organization committed to making your field research and community interventions successful.

About Gaplink

We are a Uganda based private research firm that serves diverse clientèle both foreign and local including; Academic Institutions, Private Sector Firms, Government and Non- Government Agencies and Individual Researchers. We assist our clients in; collecting, managing and producing high quality data from various fields in East Africa. Our experience covers all the region of Uganda and we have trustworthy and reliable team that have spent extensive amount of time doing field work.
Gaplink has a quality review engagement with INACHEE , a thought leadership and advisory firm incorporated in England and Wales.

Why you should work with us

Provision of on ground local support:

Working with international researchers on projects of different scales and complexity, we understand the importance of local contribution in refining survey tools, creating field plans and budgets as well as ensuring effective use of field work resources. Inadequate local support can potentially compromise quality, make field work lengthy and costly, and in worst case scenarios can result in denial of access to the targeted population. At Gaplink, we are aware of these potential challenges an international researcher / implementing partner might face in planning and conducting field work in a foreign environment without reliable on ground support. We exist to bridge the gap between the foreign researcher /implementing partner and the local context. Our strong nationwide network of field experts makes it possible for us to work with local bureaucracies to complete your field study within the stipulated budget and timeline.

Commitment to quality and honesty:

To us, the final deliverable “clean dataset” is a responsibility, a process, a journey that can have some bumps along the way (including difficult survey sites and sometimes unhelpful fieldworker mindset to mention but a few). It is along the bumps that our core values come in –honesty and commitment to serve! We stay open to talking about field problems and remain flexible to finding appropriate solutions throughout the process.

Continuous Improvement:

We work continually to improve our services, help researchers refine their ideas and get higher data quality at a reasonable cost. We promote learning from every field work to improve our abilities to collect the highest data quality possible.


No matter how small or big, simple or complex your research idea is, collaboratively we own it and go with you all the way of the journey to achieve the highest quality and satisfactory results.

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