5 Projects

Exploring barriers to uptake of quality declared seeds: A framed field experiment with smallholder bean farmers in Eastern Uganda.

Sample Size: 900 smallholder bean farming households
Study Area: 30 villages in of Bugiri and Kamuli districts of i Eastern Uganda
Study Period: July 2022

Adoption of hybrid Drought Tolerant maize (DTM) seed in Uganda, Are expectations or status-quo driving low willingness to pay?

Sample Size: 981 smallholder maize farming households
Study Area: 49 villages located in 3 sub counties of Namutumba district in the Eastern part of Uganda.
Study Period: March 2022

Promoting Drought Tolerant Maize variety in Uganda project, a lab in field experiment.

Sample Size: 600 small-holder farmers
Study Area: Northern and Midwestern Uganda (Dokolo & Masindi districts)
Study Period: October- November 2019

Uptake of Quality Seeds: A baseline survey and Endline

Sample Size: 2,000 households of small holder farmers
Study Area: 22 districts of Northern and South Western Uganda
Study Period: 2018-2019

Adoption of Quality Seeds in Northern Uganda: A Randomized Experiment to Test

Sample Size: 1,500 households Study Area: Northern Uganda
Study Period: 2016